2 days training – F2F workshop

During this 2-days training you will learn how to use the standard DI workshop as a starting point for follow-up work in different contexts: team and project development, communication training, leadership, change, innovation, coaching, onboarding, and more.


You will also learn how to use DI-based methodology and add-on tools in longer workshops and systematic work.


Upon completion, you will receive a diploma for "Advanced Diversity Icebreaker user".




This course is both for experienced DI-users, who are looking expand their skillset and increase outtakes for workshop participants; and for entirely new to the tool who wish to start on a higher level.




The participants will receive online access to the DI-questionnaire as well as printed copies of the Leadership Booklet, Innovation Booklet, Personal Workbook and Bjørn Ekelund’s book “Unleashing the Power of Diversity. How to Open Minds for Good”.






The standard Diversity Icebreaker workshop.

We start the course with the standard Diversity Icebreaker workshop which will provide you with hands-on experience: you will experience it as workshop participants do. Challenges, train-the-trainer tips, and alternatives are covered following.


Team and project work

Red, Blue, and Green can be applied as a team role model, with colours contributing differently to various stages of decision-making processes and projects.



Red, Blue, and Green applied as dimensions in leader development, change management, and inclusive leadership.



Using Red, Blue, and Green and the Diversity Icebreaker Creativity Mat in high-quality problem understanding and solution generation processes.


Diversity management

DI workshop’s trust- and positivity-boosting effect, as well as the shared language of Red, Blue, and Green, can be used to establish a shared platform for constructive discussion about commonalities and differences.


Diversity Icebreaker extension surveys

Review and application of the three DI add-on modules: stress, trust, and psychological safety.


Diversity Icebreaker Premium

Using the DI Premium add-on in individual work (e.g., coaching), group activities in longer workshops, as well as asynchronous systematic work.




Interactive lectures and group activities including designing a tailor-made workshop and/or other DI-applications.







Bjørn Z. Ekelund  - creator of the Diversity Icebreaker® – used by more than 300 000 respondents in more than 75 countries. One of the most renowned and established experts in Norway within the fields of collaboration, team development, communication in team and management across functional roles and cultural diversities. In more than 30 years Bjørn has been leading management consultancies and as an external consultant he has delivered more than 1000 consultants engagement in more than 20 countries. 




Piotr Pluta  MSc in Psychology, is the Managing Director responsible for consultancy in Human Factors. Piotr has facilitated a number of virtual and F2F Diversity Icebreaker workshops and was involved in development of a dedicated DI-module for a 3D collaboration platform. Piotr has also supported our clients with tips and help both prior and during application of DI. Piotr is also involved in many of our R&D projects and delivers consultancy in the areas of communication, trust building, cross-cultural work and diversity management. 




EUR 800/ USD 850 per participant incl. course material as described above.


Send an email to: seminar@human-factors.no